For the most part, property water damage is pretty evident. If the excess water comes from something like a burst pipe or water heater, you’ll be able to see the water and all the damage it is causing. But, sometimes this isn’t always the case. The following are signs that you need a water damage restoration company like Goodyear Water Damage Services to come out to inspect your property as soon as possible.

  1. Standing or pooling water: If you find a puddle of water somewhere in your home, clean it up and keep an eye of that area. If the water returns then that may mean you have a leak somewhere.
  2. Buckling or swelling flooring: Another sign of water damage is if you notice that your flooring is starting to warp or buckle. This is from water building up under the flooring. If you see water starting to seep through your flooring or tiles then you definitely need to have your subfloor examined.
  3. Peeling or discoloration on walls or ceilings: Drywall will absorb water like a sponge. This can result in bubbling of wallpaper or paint and sometimes you will see brown streaks from dirty water.
  4. Musty Odor: If you notice a new musty smell lingering in your home you may have water damage. This is generally caused by dampness and mold. The combination of moisture and lack of circulation will contribute to a musty odor that doesn’t go away.

If you suspect water damage in your residential or commercial property, your best bet is to call in our professional water damage restoration technicians. Water damage is always an emergency and the longer you put off the dry-out process the more time and money it will cost you.