Goodyear Water Damage Services is here to help! If you have experienced a water leak in your home we should be your first call. We will have a technician out to your home within an hour. Using the best tools of our trade we will get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. We use moisture meters and thermal imaging so we can find the water in your flooring, walls and or ceilings. We use air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers for the dry out process. Once everything is completely dry we can begin the restoration process. Our technicians can re-stretch your carpet back into place, replace any carpet padding, and then clean the carpet with a botanical disinfectant that is safe to be used around pets and children.

Rancho El Mirage is a community located in the city of El Mirage, AZ. Living in a desert we know that landscape water conservation is important. Design with low water use plants can have a huge impact. People often believe xeriscaping(low water use landscaping) is nothing but boring cactus and rocks. It is quite often the opposite. Xeriscaping can be very lush. You can use smaller appropriate turf areas or artificial turf. Designing efficient irrigation system with drip emitters will reduce your water use. If you do have a lawn, trees and plants you may be wondering how often you should water it. The following is a good list of what you should and should not do:

How much should I water? Do’s and Don’ts of Watering
* Don’t – Water everyday
* Do – Water your plants longer but less often
* Don’t – Water in the middle of the day
* Do – Water early in the morning when evaporation is at its lowest.
* Don’t – Water trees and shrubs the same as lawn.
* Do – Separate plants so each type can be watered separately