Using moisture meters helps our water damage restoration technicians pinpoint exactly where the water is and to what level the moisture has penetrated your home. These readings will help us determine the best course of action to dry out your home. We understand that it’s imperative to dry out your home as quickly as possible to reduce any further damage. Moisture meters are also used every 24 hours to monitor the dry out process daily. Our technicians work as quickly as possible to begin the dry out process to help you save money on repair costs. Call our office at 623-321-2102 for questions about our water damage restoration services.

Marley Park is a community in Surprise, Arizona. Even though this community is in the desert it does have a lot of grass and trees. As water conservation is really important in desert regions, how does Marley Park support their landscape? According to their website, Marley Park uses a computerized system, which is the latest technology available in water management systems and it’s called Maxicom. This system supports and maintains the community’s landscape. It automatically calculates the daily water needs of each landscape area, adjusting the amount of water use based on conditions such as humidity and other factors. The system also alerts operators to breaks or leaks in irrigation lines. The water system allows Marley Park to use the minimum amount of water necessary to maintain landscaping, providing tremendous water conservation benefits. Marley Park currently utilizes non-potable water through the Maricopa Water District. As desert dwellers, there are several ways you can reduce your water footprint and protect this precious resource for future generations. Try implementing these tips from the Surprise, AZ website at your home:

  • Check your irrigation and pool systems for leaks monthly
  • Adjust your irrigation controller (timer) as the weather changes
  • Take free Water-wise Surprise landscape and water efficiency workshops
  • Check your home for leaks (toilets, faucets, water-using appliances, etc.) monthly
  • Look for WaterSense products when replacing toilets, shower heads, and irrigation controllers
  • Prune your landscape only when it needs it