Water heaters are a common reason people experience water damage at their home. These heaters can last a long time but eventually their parts can deteriorate causing leaks. It can be a slow continuous leak that you may not even realize is happening or it can completely give, gushing water everywhere. If this happens at your home the first step would be to turn off the water. If you allow the water to stay on it can cause a huge amount of damage. Once you’ve turned off the water you’ll need to contact our office right away. You can reach us at 623-321-2102. We will have a water damage restoration technician out to your home within the hour. Once he arrives onsite he will take moisture readings and thermal imaging to determine the level of water damage. This will help him set a plan to dry our your home as quickly as possible.

Verrado is a master-planned community located in the city of Buckeye, AZ. As Buckeye is one of the fastest growing city’s in the state we know that water conservation will have a huge impact on ensuring that the Town has enough water resources to meed the needs of future growth. The Town of Buckeye has a Water Conservation Plan in place but there are a lot of ways that residents can help reduce their water footprint at their homes. More than 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more each day. Leaks can be silent so you don’t even know that they are happening. This can cause unusually high monthly water bills. You should inspect for water leaks every month. This includes irrigation or landscaping lines. As they are underground you can be losing over 300 gallons per hour and you won’t even see it at the surface. 70% of AZ residents water use is from outside their home. Over-watering is a common source of high water use. Replacing your high water use plants and lawn with Xeriscape can have a big impact on reducing you water use. Xeriscape is style of landscaping design that requires little or no irrigation. It will reduce or eliminate the need for water. This is a low maintenance yard that will save, not only water, but save you money and time.