This customer had a hidden water leak that had been leaking water for weeks. One of her children pushed his foot against the living room wall and his foot went straight through the drywall. After inspecting the wall the customer discovered that her home had experienced water damage. She called our company and our water damage restoration technician went out to her home within an hour. Upon arrival he took thermal imaging and moisture readings, began cutting out the drywall, which had acted like a sponge absorbing the leaking water, and set up air movers, air scrubbers and an extra large dehumidifier to begin the dry out process. The technician will return to this customers home every 24 hours to take new moisture readings and monitor the process until the home is completely dried out. If you experience water damage call our office right away at 623-321-2102.

Sun City Festival is a premier 55+ Active Adult community located in Buckeye, AZ. As residents living in the desert we know that water is a most important resource. Most cities offer water conservation programs to help educate, provide rebates and give you helpful tips and ideas. By implementing a low water-use lifestyle everyone can help protect water for future generations. And by reducing your water footprint, you will decrease your energy use which will help you reduce your monthly bills at your home.  As much as 70% off residential water use is used outdoors. This is from landscaping, swimming pools and car washing. Lawn care uses a lot of water. By planting native plants that are low-water use you can reduce your water use by 50 to 75 percent.  Swimming pools can lose a lot of water from evaporation. During warm weather a pool can lose up to 1/4″ of water per day. You can reduce this evaporation by installing a solar pool cover, limiting the use of water features such as fountains and by lowering the temperature on heated pools. Car washing uses about 100 gallons, on average. By taking your car to an automatic car wash you will only use about 15 to 60 gallons. Some automatic car washes even recycle their water. By implementing these tips you will reduce your water waste, save both energy and money.