We use the best water damage restoration equipment in the industry. This allows our technicians to provide the best service even in extreme conditions. This customer in Goodyear, AZ had water damage at their home and after extracting as much water as possible the technician set up the machines needed to complete the dry out process. The first machine we set up is an air scrubber. This will give you instant, refreshing air as it uses a filtration system to cleanse your indoor air of pollutants and odors. We then set up air movers which produce optimal air flow that accelerates the evaporation of moisture and is needed for creating drier conditions as quickly as possible. They can be angled in different positions to dry our drywall, sub-flooring, baseboards, hardwoods, and more. These machines also move the humid air that is picked up by the dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers are one of the most important machines used in water damage restoration. It will eliminate moisture from the air which will help prevent any additional damage like warping of floors or swelling of walls and ceilings. If you are in need of our services or have any questions about our products please call our office at 602-688-4186.

Estrella Mountain Ranch is a community located in Goodyear, AZ. The water that AZ residents use outside their homes probably makes up 50-70% of their annual water bill. Here are some ideas on how you can reduce your water use at your home. Put water only where you need it: Not in the street, on the sidewalk, or the patio. Not on succulents unless we get no rain for a long period of time. Keep pool water in the pool through how you operate and landscape the pool area. Irrigate and sprinkle only when it can be absorbed: Not in the wind. It blows away or evaporates. Not during the rain or just after it. Not during hot sunny hours of the day. It sizzles and evaporates.