If you experience water damage at your home there could be a lot of of dust and debris that will get kicked up into the air once the technician starts working. We use what’s called a high performance containment wall in most water damage restoration jobs to minimize the risk of these contaminants infiltrating your other living areas. A traditional two step containment wall, as pictured, is poly sheeting that is taped up first with blue painter’s tape and then secondly with a heavy duty duct tape. In this situation, the blue painter’s tape serves as a barrier to protect your home’s surfaces from being damaged from the direct application of duct tape. By setting up this containment wall it will prevent hazardous substances such as mold spores, lead based paint, asbestos, silica dust, and more from spreading throughout your entire home. This wall also addresses concerns with health and safety risks and functions as a barrier to keep dust and other particles confined within the work space. This process will also make clean up easier. If you find yourself in need of a trusted, water damage restoration company call our office at 623-321-2102 as soon as possible. We can typically have a technician out to your home within the hour. The longer water stays in your home the more damage it will cause. Your drywall and flooring will begin to absorb the water and when there is water in dark places there is always a risk for microbial growth. Once our technician takes thermal images and moisture meter readings of your home he will know how to best begin the dry out process. Getting your home dried out as quickly as possible is always the goal with water damage. This will save you both time and money. Take a look at our online reviews to see what customers are saying about our company!