When you experience water damage at your home it can be an extremely stressful situation. Having a trusted company who deals with water damage on a daily basis can help alleviate that stress. The object for all water damage jobs is to dry out your home or office’s structure as quickly as possible. We all know that home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. make our lives easier and free up time for us to pursue other tasks, but they sure do make life difficult when they break. Water damage from appliances is not easily detected because the water lines to most machines are out of sight. This means that your ice maker water line could be slowly leaking onto your floor and absorbing into your drywall and you wouldn’t even know it’s happening. Given enough time this slow leak can cause a lot of structural damage to your property and can even lead to microbial growth. Microbial growth can occur in as little as twenty four to forty eight hours given the right environment and that would lead to a longer restoration process and a larger bill. If you have found a water leak in your home, call the professionals at Phoenix Water Damage immediately.  Do not wait as the longer water is left standing in your home the more damage it will cause. After we assess the water damage situation, our experienced technician will proceed with extracting, drying and making all of the necessary repairs to your property. We know that you want to get back to the way things were before the water damage. If you are ready to make an appointment contact us today at 623-321-2102. And if you’re familiar with our sister company, Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning  then you know we will bring the same professionalism and dedication to our water damage restoration service as well.